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NEWS Letter - Fall 2012

September 18, 2012

News Letter

Our homes are costing us more than we could ever imagined, and there is no reason why this should continue with all the new building technologies that exist today.

Members of StyroHome Construction group already know that many have offered their solution to the problem with Super Insulated Building Systems.

Sips and ICFs, come to the surface when anyone read or hears about GREEN Building. These 40 - 50 year old systems were a good start but seem to have fallen into the spell of the Forest and Concrete Industries grip, neither are simple or inexpensive to use and are ridden with flaws that don't fit the New Passive House or Net Zero Energy efficiency list.

Polystyrene Composites are the latest generation og Super Insulate, Passive, Net Zero Energy Building Systems that we can use to build those homes that will cost less for, materials, labor, all construction costs, even long term maintenance.

Lets face facts, wood has had its chance and failed. Rot and mold, sick syndrome materials and finishes have proven that wood construction is not helping man nor planet. Wood availability is not what it was and solid concrete is beyond cost that is acceptable for the future not only for initial material cost but also for heating and future disposal costs.

Polystyrene Foam has many advantages to building at lower cost with very high efficiency. I have a free online 101 building course the covers many areas that polystyrene can be used, check it out. Link To Polystyrene Construction 101:



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